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  • Com colaboradores em países e com escritório virtual a Flourish lidera o “novo normal”

    escritório virtual

    Conheça o escritório virtual da Flourish FI – Pastas guardadas nas nuvens, relógios marcando horários de diversos fusos, cafés chegando via aplicativo e encontros em salas de reuniões online. É assim que funciona a Flourish, fintech do Vale do Silício. Com o avanço da vacinação começamos a, finalmente, entrar no tão esperado e debatido “novo […]

  • #TBT Big News in 2021

    financial wellness

    The new year is a great time to set goals and review our achievements and looking back in 2021 made us very proud of the results of our work. We continue to onboard new banks & financial institutions across the Americas to deploy our financial wellness solution and expand their impact.   What a year […]

  • Behavioral Economics 📚: A Reading List for #BehaviorHacking

    My curiosity about behavioral economics started during my undergraduate days at UC Davis where I first read Freakonomics by economist Steven Levitt and New York Times journalist Stephen Dubner. Little did I know that more than a decade later the concepts in their book were going to heavily influence my career and the way we […]

  • Financial Resources for Uncertain Times with COVID-19

    It seems overnight all of our lives have changed and continue to change. Everything seems uncertain, from our jobs to a simple grocery store visit. We are faced with new challenges each day; Which resources can I trust? How do I stay productive? How do I move forward? This post will help you with financial […]

  • Financial Deal Breakers & Dating

    Financial deal breakers and dating, how finance differences can be a sign of incompatibility. Picture yourself on a lavish date with someone new… there are a string of lights in the background and live music playing as your perfect date gazes up at you with a beautiful smile. Who wouldn’t fall in love in a […]

  • From Savings Stress to Success

    From Savings stress to success – The savings journey of Jaime, a Flourish Saver My savings journey began with a friend. In college I took a personal finance class with my friend Skyler, and in becoming more familiar with personal financial strategies, we also became more open about our own situations. We were able to give […]