We are ready for 2023: Growth and learnings from the past year

2022 was an amazing year at Flourish FI and we want to share with you some insights, reflections and learnings from the past year During the year, in collaboration with our customers, we had a big impact across the Americas, we supported more than 47 thousand people from Brazil, Bolivia and the United States to have better money habits and […]

Flourish Fi partners with Tricolor to empower Latinx borrowers to build positive money habits.

Flourish integrates its customer engagement and financial wellness platform with Tricolor to enhance both borrower’s financial health and digital experience San Francisco, California, January , 2023 — Flourish Fi, a California-based fintech, has partnered with Tricolor to expand on its mission to provide responsible products and drive financial inclusion for US Hispanics to launch a financial wellness and loyalty program. […]

The Financial Institution of the future

We all know the importance of data-driven personalization and recommendations in the digital economy. In the post-pandemic world, these are rooted in our daily activities from watching a movie to listening to music or making an online purchase. Netflix recommends the next show you are likely to enjoy, Amazon recommends items you will likely need (or not), and Spotify recommends […]

Flourish raised a $2.3 million funding round, led by Magma Partners

We’re happy to announce that we’ve raised $2.3 million in our latest funding round. This milestone would not be possible without the support of our new and returning investors. The round is led by Magma Partners with participation of Remarkable Ventures, Lightspeed Venture Partners Scout Fund, Canary, Seedstars, Cap Table Coalition, I am the fund, Kadmotek VC, Potencia Ventures and […]

Flourish FI é a grande vencedora da competição de Pitch da Converge, Mastercard Latam Innovation Forum em Miami

No palco principal da conferência que reúne instituições financeiras emissoras de cartões Mastercard, empresas de tecnologia financeira, fintechs e parceiros, a Flourish FI foi a grande vencedora da competição de pitch da Mastercard Latam Innovation Forum A Flourish FI, startup co-fundada por um Brasileiro na Califórnia, com a missão de incentivar pessoas a terem melhores hábitos financeiros ao mesmo tempo […]

Latinx-led startup, Flourish Fi Closes $2.3 Million Round To Expand its Customer Engagement Platform for Banks and Fintechs

Flourish FI, latinx-led startup, raises new round and accelerates expansion across Latin America The Latinx-led startup banking service provider, Flourish Fi, has raised a $2.3 million round led by Magma Partners. The fintech company, which was co-founded by Jessica Eting and Pedro Moura, will use the proceeds of this round of financing to further expand its presence in Latin America, […]

Flourish FI recebe aporte de R$ 12 milhões e conta com apoio da Mastercard para crescimento

A fintech faz nova rodada de investimento e pretende expandir o número de clientes na América Latina e fazer contratações estratégicas.  São Francisco, 23 de novembro de 2022 – Com a nova rodada de investimento liderada pela Magma Partners, a empresa fundada pelo brasileiro Pedro Moura e a americana Jessica Eting, no Vale do Silício, acelera a sua expansão pela […]

What can we learn from a puzzle?

At Flourish FI we love puzzles, maybe it is because it matches our solution that is divided in pieces where you can connect and build something bigger. When someone joins us, as part of our startup culture, we send a puzzle into our onboarding kit. Last month we also played a virtual version of the game during our happy hour.  […]

Flourish FI, reimagines financial management for individuals and small businesses in Brazil as part of $1 million Mastercard Strive Community grant

14 July 2022 — Today, Flourish FI, a financial company founded in Berkeley and perfected in Brazil, was announced as one of eight global winners of the inaugural round of grants from the Mastercard Strive Community Innovation Fund. The digital rewards and engagement platform for financial institutions, will receive a share of $1 million in total grant funding towards their […]

Flourish FI receberá parte do Mastercard Strive Community somado em 1 milhão de dólares

A Flourish FI é uma das oito vencedoras globais da rodada inaugural de concessões do Innovation Fund da Strive Community. O fundo de 1 milhão de dólares foi dividido entre as empresas para financiar projetos de impacto social para pequenas empresas. As pequenas empresas, como as que são apoiadas pela tecnologia da Flourish FI, são agentes essenciais do crescimento inclusivo, […]